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News and Views


  • NEW UPDATE: We are currently seeking Facilitation Experts to support our growing Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Programme. Clich here for more details.

  • theIDLgroup joins with GRM International, Futures Group and the Effective Development Group from November 2013. See our news page for more details.
  • We are actively seeking consultants and specialists in water resource management and disaster risk reduction, please click here for me details.
  • NEW: theIDLgroup began work in May to provide technical assistance to support the operation of forest local development funds (FLDF) in Congo. Click here for more information.
  • In November 2013, theIDLgroup carried out a conflict analysis in northern Mali for the Norwegian Refugee Council. The objective of the analysis was to understand the evolving dynamics of the conflict and get insight into how proposed humanitarian interventions would be perceived by different actors in the conflict. This analysis was then used by the Norwegian Refugee Council to ensure that their interventions were as conflict sensitive as possible.
  • Politically smart, locally led development
    Donors face increasing calls to th
    ink and work more politically: but what exactly does that mean? And how should they set about it? A recent workshop organised by theIDLgroup and The Policy Practice examined six cases of aid-supported interventions that have achieved positive, and potentially lasting impact, and explored the factors that were critical to success. They included local leadership; external support to broker common interests; investment in building relationships; avoiding pressures to spend or achieve short term results; iterative design; a learning culture; and politically informed and astute management. Download the workshop report here
  • theIDLgroup¬†is committed to providing quality services to its clients and so we are delighted to announce that we have, once again, passed our ISO 9001 audit with flying colours. theIDLgroup has held this certification since 2001 and we are audited by external evaluators annually. Click here for more information on how theIDLgroup is committed to delivering outputs and professional services which are of the highest possible quality
  • theIDLgroup has been engaged by the World Bank to undertake a political economy analysis of the transport sectors of the East Africa Community to guide its future investments in the region. This involves analysing the national and regional policy environments, levels of government commitment to infrastructure upgrading and the political salience of different sets of service providers. As part of the programme in-house staff have been undertaking fieldwork in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • In October 2013 theIDLgroup won a contract with DFID to create a regional facilitation unit for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA) (DFID, 2013-2015). Please click here for more info.
  • theIDLgroup is backing SFM though FSC forest management and chain of custody auditing. Click here for more details.
  • theIDLgroup is organised the seventh Forest Governance Forum event in Kinshasa on 29 & 30 October which brought together 150 key stakeholders. Click here for more details.
  • theIDLgroup have won 10 AusAID Aid Advisory Services Standing Offers, in 20 technical areas.¬†Click here for more details.
  • theIDLgroup has completed an evaluation scoping study for 3iE, which has helped to inform and prioritise the selection of rigorous evaluations in Agricultural Innovation  in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  The study incorporated a review of funding agency strategies, a review of past evaluations, key informant interviews with global thematic leaders, an electronic e-survey,  and the development of a “gap map” to determine areas where there is limited evidence, and hence a priority need for future evaluations.   Clients for the study included AGRA, IFAD, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and DFID.  A workshop in Nairobi allowed participants to directly use the scoping study findings to quickly move to the selection and design of the programme for evaluations. (June 2013).
  • theIDLgroup has a track record in initiatives to promote gender equality and social inclusion including conducting gender-disaggregated analysis, and designing strategies and approaches to promote more inclusive development. Our recent capability statement highlights our work in these areas GESI Capability Statement
  • World Bank Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Program highlights transport governance assessments undertaken by theIDLgroup. The latest SSATP newsletter published concise summaries of five working papers on the political economy of transport and infrastructure provision in a range of countries - Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Senegal. Click here for a link to the summary: For more information, contact Craig Mathieson in our Bristol office:
  • Gender / violence against women / women and girls specialists needed. Click here for more.
  • Information on theIDLgroup’s services in Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) is now available on our publications page in French and Spanish.



Our Portfolios

theIDLgroup works with development agencies, governments and civil society to address pressing development challenges.

The majority of our work draws upon people, skills, experience and best practice from two or more of these portfolios. We believe that this interdisciplinary approach contributes towards some of our most innovative and effective work. 

theIDLgroup works in five distinct but interconnected portfolio areas. Click on a segment to find out more about a portfolio.