FRR: A Division of theIDLgroup

What We Do


In April 2005 FRR integrated with theIDLgroup and now operates as a trading division of The IDL Group.  FRR continues to provide high quality consulting services to its international clients.

FRR specialises in the following areas:

FRR has a strong track record in financial and programme management, having successfully delivered a number of very large and complex forest sector reform programmes around the world

Current Projects

    FRR has over 20 years' experience of providing consultancy and project management services in the forestry and natural resource management sectors. 

    FRR works in partnership with governments, international development partners, policy makers, the private sector, communities and civil society organisations worldwide. We provide advice and project management to help realise the potential of land, forest and natural resources - through strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth, pro-poor investments and improved environmental governance.